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SLA Philly 2011 – Call for contributed papers

SLA is now accepting proposals for papers to be presented at the 2011 Annual Conference and INFO-EXPO to be held from 12-15 June 2011 in Philadelphia, Pa. This is your opportunity as a member of SLA to share your research and scholarship with your colleagues and peers.

Topics must be related to the conference theme of “Future Ready” or to one of the sub-themes – “communicating value through strategic alignment”, “leveraging technology for innovation” and “using knowledge sharing to encourage collaboration”.

Every SLA member is encouraged to submit an abstract. The proposals will be evaluated by a panel of SLA members in a blind review and the strongest will be selected for development into full papers with a completion date of 2 May 2011.

Requirements for Acceptance

Topics should be related to library science, information management, research or other issues related to client service, technology, or administration in special libraries. Proposals will be judged on their relevance to the conference theme, “Future Ready” or one of the subthemes mentioned above, as well on the strength of the ideas, quality of the writing and potential member interest.

Proposed papers must also meet these requirements:

– At least one author is a member of SLA

– At least one author commits to presenting the paper at the annual conference

– The proposal is received by the deadline

– The paper has not been published in or submitted to any other publication or conference planning group

– The author (and any co-authors) must be willing to sign a copyright assignment form that will permit SLA to use the paper in various formats


13 December 2010. Proposals due. Submit an abstract of your paper via e-mail to Martha Foote at mfoote@libraryco.ca. Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words in length, or roughly one page in 12 point text.

17 January 2011. Notification. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision and those with the strongest proposals will be invited to develop them into full papers.

2 May 2011. Papers due. Authors submit their completed papers and copyright assignments to SLA.

12-15 June 2011. Conference presentation. Authors will deliver a 15-minute presentation of their papers with three or four colleagues during a 90-minute Contributed Papers session.

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